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Summer Term:

We are really excited to be back, the children have made a fantastic start. Have a look below to see what we have been up to so far!

IMG 0434

Pond dipping: 

IMG 0581200

Thanks so much to the James's for arranging another tractor ride and letting us visit their pond. We had so much fun finding newts and bugs. I have never seen such a variety! We are very lucky to have had such a wonderful experience. 

Spring Term: 

Children are in trouble! They left all of these banana skins! How rude!? 

Have a look at the mess left behind! 

IMG 0002aa

OK, well it wasn't the children in the end!

IMG 0067

We found this box which made us think that there might be an animal living in the school again. We thought of some questions to ask our mystery visitor. 

'Who are you?' 'Why are you here?' 'Are here to visit us' and 'What food do you like?' were some of the questions we asked the visitor. We turned these into letters. 

IMG 4219IMG 6758IMG 7661

How to take care of a monkey

IMG 3567IMG 9086 IMG 2561

 After we left the letters we had a video telling us he was a monkey from AFRICA. So we wanted to find out how to take care of a monkey and we even skyped an expert from a monkey sanctuary. 

Bye Freddy 

Our new companion (now known as Freddy) was ready to go home. We plotted a course for Africa and went there on a plane. 


Once we arrived we thought we might as well stay for a while and enjoy ourselves.

IMG 0380

We made traditional poppy seed biscuits.

 IMG 0247

Made Bantu masks. 

IMG 0253


Made rainmakers.

 IMG 0242 

 And even made cocktails! 


First day back and we had so much fun! A special visitor came in a taught us how to play traditional tunes. 

Have a look at our pictures. 

IMG 4643111IMG 4316111IMG 293111IMG 272211



You know we like to be busy in foxes! The following week we were learning about what it is like to live in Africa. This includes what animals live there! Tony came in and showed us a lot of animals that came from Africa... this includes... MEERKATS! They were so cute.

IMG 0308

We really loved the opportunity to hold and stroke lots of animals. Experiences like this will form lasting memories for the children, so thank you for supporting the school in our efforts to continually provide them for the children.

Sometime later, during science week we used augmented reality to make a simple picture of an ant and spider come alive! For the rest of the week, we chose one to become an expert in and did some creative writing around that theme. Have a look below to see how it worked!

IMG 0311

Bonus: Here is a link to our stop motion videos that we would have used for assembly


Our Story is about to end

We have one last visiter, an elephant! We aren't sure how he got here but you can be sure we will help him.

IMG 0441

IMG 0439

IMG 0440What a busy end to the term. Thank you everyone that helped and thank you to the children for being such a great advert for our school. I can't wait for next term. 

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