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We are back for the final term of the year and hasn’t it gone quickly?

We dived into our new topic, ‘A Wave of Change’, by exploring the new layout of our classroom! We found that we had some new guests joining our class for the term: three inflatable sharks hovering over-head! Below them, a new structure had appeared in place of the African hut; it was a shark cage! The room had been splashed with all things sea-related and was bursting with blues and ocean colours.

IMG 0221
Once we had finished exploring, we sat down to listen to a thought-provoking speech from Sir David Attenborough. He informed us of the current plastic-pollution crisis. We knew we had to make a change!

Since then, we have calculated our own Plastic Footprints. Initially, Miss Hanlon showed us her yearly average plastic usage and we were shocked! We had a go ourselves, basing it on our family usage and some of us scored much higher! Eventually, we realised that, on average, as a class, we using a whopping: 46,026 plastic items a year! This was the moment we knew we must pledge to make a change!

In the midst of our new topic, some of us also had the opportunity to visit Queen's Park Faith Tour in Bedford. This was a day full of enriching learning in which we visited three local places of worship within the Bedford community: Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Jamia Masjid Gulshane Baghdad Mosque and All Saints Parish Church. Each building was so unique and intriguing and the people were so welcoming. We all returned to school feeling much more knowledgeable about these different faiths and couldn't wait to share our learning!

Faith Tour

As part of our Stunning Start, we visited Hunstanton for the day. Here we partook in: beach art, beach races and exploring the Hunstanton coastline. We saw the Hunstanton lighthouse, saw the multi-coloured cliffs and the sea-defences present to stop the cliffs from crumbling. We even made an exciting discovery in a cave in the cliff! We found a box camera! Ms Mohan kindly contacted the local tourism office and they were unaware of a camera being left in the area. We are now awaiting the return of the camera from a photo developer company to see if there was any film to develop!

 IMG 0229

In the meantime, we have looked at two famous photographers, Ann Powell and Edward Weston. We were so inspired by their photography skills that we had a go ourselves! Take a look at our work below.

Shell photography 

Since creating our own photographic masterpieces, we have found out that the old box camera, which was found on our visit to Hunstanton beach, did in fact contain a film. According to Ms Mohan, the film is currently being developed and the photos should be arriving any day now. We can't wait to see them! 

In English, over the past couple of weeks, we have started to look at some interesting images. It was only recently that Miss Hanlon actually revealed where she had found them - she had managed to keep it a secret, even though the other classes knew it was a book! They are from Flotsam by David Wiesner. You can see the images we were shown below.


Using these images, we have created some descriptive work, some dialogue and even written our own questions about some of the images, which we hope will be answered as we progress through the book. 

What's even more intriguing is that the book is completely wordless! We can't wait to see what other beautiful images the book has inside!

As well as enjoying our English work, we got ourselves involved in a messy Science activity this week. We recreated the digestive system. Miss Hanlon had warned us that it may be messy and a little bit gross; she was right! There's no way we'll be forgetting that Science learning in a hurry! Keep a look out for the photos of the experiment below!


In the middle of all things Flotsam, we had a sporting event: the Underwood Cup! The whole key stage took the time to visit the playing fields and enjoy the event. We were very proud of everyone that took part and had an enjoyable afternoon in the sun! 

To continue with our interesting English work, we had the chance to design our own underwater world! We saw the photos from the camera that had been discovered in the Flotsam book and these inspired us. We had Strictly Come Dancing underwater, an underwater boxing arena and a themepark for sealife! Initially, we drew our ideas and then we did some setting descriptions about them. 


Final Term

Somehow, we have reached the final term already and what a busy term it is bound to be!

We started the week finishing Flotsam and creating some drama based on images from the book. We acted out scenes of our own camera discovery and decided what we would do if we were the child in the image. It was great fun and Miss Hanlon even joined in with some of the acting; we found her acting highly amusing.

In Science, we continued with the theme of the human anatomy and looked at the skeletal system. We learnt the names of different bones and their purposes and we then made our own split pin skeletons! These required patience and a steady hand but we were all successful. 

In relation to our topic, and the Science topic, we looked a detailed image of the skeleton of a fish and began some art work based on this. We have chosen to use different mediums to create our final pieces and look forward to showing you the end results!

Watch this space in the coming weeks to find out what we do next!

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