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Brixworth Country Park

What an amazing day we had at Brixworth Country Park and the weather was glorious; perfect for spending the day outdoors.

When we arrived we met Helen the ranger who told us about all things creepy crawly. First we searched for bugs in the green, grassy areas using a large net and then we carefully shook trees and branches to see what we could find. We found lots of flies, spiders and beetles. Then we walked down to the woodland area to see what we could find there. We carefully lifted logs and rocks, making sure we didn't tread on anything. We found lots of slugs, snails, wood louse and even a millipede. When we had finished looking we carefully returned the creatures back where we had found them.

After lunch we met another ranger who told us about using our senses to find things. Then we hunted for natural materials that were soft, hard, rough, smooth, tickly and prickly. Next we walked down to the pond to do some pond dipping. We helped the adults to carefully dip the net, making sure we didn't get too close to the edge. Then we collected our catch with a spoon and put it in a bug pot, carefully adding it to a large bowl. We collected lots of tadpoles, pond skaters, water boatmen, shrimps, dragon fly larvae and even a crayfish. At the end all the creatures were carefully returned to the pond apart from the crayfish. Crayfish are not native to our country and like to eat all our creatures so the ranger put it in a separate pot and took it away.

We had a great day at Brixworth Country Park and saw lots of creatures we wouldn't normally see at school.







When we returned to school, after the Easter holiday, our classroom had been transformed into a watery world with lots of blue and green colours. We also spotted a pair of wellies with a letter attached to them. The letter said; I love my wellies, do you? I like to splash in puddles and make footprints in the mud. What do you like to do in your wellies?' 

We thought of lots of things we like to do whilst wearing our wellies such as; splash in puddles, jump in mud, stomp in the snow and go for walks.

classroom pic

We also had lots of fun making painted footprints whilst wearing our wellies. With our wellies on, we stepped into a painting tray, which was very slippy! Then we walked across some paper, looking at the different shapes and patterns we made as we went along.

welly prints

I wonder where our wellies will take us next?

Our Trip to Whipsnade

On Tuesday, together with Nursery, we boarded the coach and set off for an exciting day visiting Whipsnade Zoo. When we arrived we headed straight for the Butterfly House. It was very warm as we entered through the door and the first thing we saw was a mini crocodile. We watched the crocodile through the glass as it lay very still. Then we walked further into the Butterfly House as all around us lots of butterflies were fluttering by; some even landed on us!

butterfly house

After the Butterfly House we met up with one of the rangers and headed into Unicorn Room to have our African story time. The ranger told us a story about a watering hole in Africa and the animals that visited it when the rain had filled it up. We learnt that frogs will burrow underneath the watering hole, when it is dry, and sleep for a very long time until the watering hole fills up again. We also learnt that a giraffe has to spread its front legs in order to bend down and drink from the watering hole. After the story we looked at some artefacts; we were allowed to touch them if we were very careful. There was a lion skin, a zebra skin, an elephants tooth, some elephant skin, some crocodile skin, a giraffe skull, a zebra skull and a crocodile skull.

African story time

After lunch we made the long walk over to the Africa section of the zoo. First we went to the Giraffe House, they were inside eating hay and nibbling tree branches. The giraffes were so close we could almost touch them!


After the Giraffe House we walked past the Rhino Paddock. They were really close to the fence so we had a great view. One of the rhinos looked like it had been fighting because it had a wound on its back. As we walked away a rhino sneezed and we all jumped!

Next we made our way over to see the zebras. They were eating hay right next to the viewing window so we were able to have a really good look at them. We noticed that when you are close up to the zebras, the black stripes look brown!

After the zebras we found the lions. There were five, very sleepy, lady lions right next to the window; it felt as though we could reach out and touch them!

We then had to start the long walk back to the bus. On our way back we noticed that the otters had come out, they were sunbathing at the side of the water.


What an amazing day we all had at Whipsnade. I wonder where we will go on our next trip?

Science Week

As it is British Science Week we are investigating the creatures we may find outside, above and below the soil. Today we created our own mini bug hotels; we filled a plant pot with lots of leaves and twigs, then we added some sugar because bugs are attracted to sweet treats. After that we had to find a good place to put our bug hotels; somewhere that would attract lots of bugs. Gilbert suggested that we put our bug hotels near a tree because lots of bugs live in the trees. We are going to check on our bug hotels each day to see if we have any 'guests' staying in them.                

ResizedImage600800 bug hotels

After a couple of days, when the weather was sunny, we checked on our bug hotels. We found lots of snails, some beetles, a couple of spiders and even a colony of ants! We recorded our findings on a block graph; each day we checked we chose a different colour to record onto our block graphs.

checking bugs


We also looked at the shapes and patterns spiders create when they make their webs. We decided to create our own spiders webs using string and then we added some silver glitter to make them sparkle just like they do when they have early morning dew on them.

spider webs




Tony's Reptile Show

What a treat we had today; we had a visit from Tony's Reptile Show. Tony brought in a range of animals and creatures that you may find in Africa. We were able to hold or touch some of the animals; making sure we were gentle and quiet. We saw snakes, millipedes, spiders, a giant rabbit, a Skinny Pig, a bearded dragon, snails and Mrs Clarke's favourite; Brittany the Meerkat.

ResizedImage600800 PicCollage

We enjoyed this treat so much that we have asked Mrs Clarke if we could have a class pet but she reminded us that these animals are very specialised and perhaps we haven't got the facilities to look after them properly!





Monkey Puzzle

Percy reminded us of one of our favourite stories, ‘Monkey Puzzle.’ After reading this, we used clay to make monkey models, just like Percy. We used different tools to make the texture of the fur; then we had to wait for them to dry out.

When they had dried out, we carefully painted them, using the same colours we could see on Percy.

ResizedImage600600 clay monkeys






Handa's Surprise

We have been reading the story, 'Handa's Surprise.' We have been retelling the story using props and also counting how many pieces of fruit are left in the basket each time an animal takes one out.

 ResizedImage600600 handas surprise

There are seven different fruits in Handa's basket; banana, orange, guava, mango, passion fruit, avocado and pineapple. We tried all the fruits and picked our favourite. The most popular fruit in our class was orange but the passion fruit came a close second. 

ResizedImage600600 fruit tasting




African Drums

Wow, what an amazing start we have had to the new half term. We were lucky enough to take part in an African drumming workshop. Everybody in our class took part, playing the drums. Some people even did some dancing in the middle of the circle! It was very loud, but lots of fun!

ResizedImage600600 african drumming

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