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I cannot believe we are on our final term. As I have re-read my other blogs it has become clear a theme has run through them all. Time or lack of! I am incredibly proud of my class, they are facing all that has been thrown at them with a positive view  and demonstrated a real show of growth mindset. 

As our Bulletin stated, this is action packed and full of really exciting events. We are building up to the Isle of Wight and looking forward to seeing the cyclists coming through Bozeat. 

Please keep an eye out for any dates you may need, I will try to keep you up-dated as much as possible. 

I hope to get as many Forest school sessions in as possible but this may not always be possible due to events happening such as Fathers morning. Keeping this in mind can we still make sure the children have the correct uniform. we are currently looking for kneeling cushions to use in forest schools. If you have any spare ones at home, any donations would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for all your support throughout the year. 






 What a speedy week this has been! I know I say it again and again but the speed the last few weeks has been incredible.

I would like to begin by saying WELL DONE! to all of the girls that took part in the gymnastics competition. You did a great job at representing the school. 

great effort well done

We finally managed to complete our forest school area. It looks great and we are really looking forward to spending time in it over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for the photographs.

The chickens are not allowed out of the forest school area due to embarrassing themselves by eating the grass seed freshly laid to replenish the grass area. Please make sure the forest school area is kept closed so I don't have to have stern words with them again.           


Just a quick reminder, P.E is back to Tuesday afternoon. It is important the children have the correct P.E uniform. I am hoping we will continue to have such lovely weather so, a hat and a water bottle are essential.

An update on our 'find' on the beach. The box camera has got some film in it and we are awaiting for the camera shop to develop it. It is a real mystery so hopefully the film will give us a clue to who owns the camera. Don't forget to ask the children and encourage their curiosity. Perhaps even offer a theory of your own. More details to follow...



box camera

A wave of change


It always pleases me to see how the children react to a new classroom, I think you would agree that all the classes look fantastic. I would like to thank Ms Nelson and Mrs Brodie for coming in during their holiday and help to get the classroom ready for the new topic. All it needs now is some work to go up on the boards now!

2018 04 10 PHOTO 00000106

2018 04 10 PHOTO 00000108

We have been lucky enough to have managed a quick trip to the beach. Well done all for getting into school for 7:50! Although when we got to the beach (I won't deny) it was cold! however, once on the beach we were sheltered and it meant the children could concentrate on their big art!IMG 0188IMG 0190


IMG 0192

We had so much fun! It must have looked like an invasion!

We found a camera on the beach! it is an old box camera. I have to bring it to a local camera shop to see if they can develop the film. I will keep you posted.


Quick reminder!

We will have PE on a Tuesday afternoon, please make sure all children have the correct PE lit. 

How time flies!

I cannot believe that we have just completed yet another term! It has been a whirlwind of activities and visitors. One experience we had was the fencing taster. Ms Mohan was a little worried about us with swords, then she found out they were plastic. (this re-assured her a little)

Swords and Fencing

What do you think of the outfits?


We had the opportunity to experience 'The Lion King' at the Lyceum Theatre, London, unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photographs but the show and its staging will be etched in our memories for many years to come. It was a joy to watch the children's faces light up with sheer joy. Even though it was a very long day, the children were very well-behaved and the experience would not have been able to happen without the help and support from the parents and Governors. Thank you for all you do; I would like to voice our appreciate on behalf of the staff and the children.


The Lion King HD


 As the next term arrives, we have lots to look forward to! our sats, the Isle of Wight, the Faith Tour, a trip to start off our topic and best of all a new classroom. What could our next topic be? It brings me great joy to see the children get so excited about the new topic. It makes all the hard work the staff do in the holidays worth while! We do have a trip to begin our topic. This will give the children hands-on experience and will provide a wealth of knowledge to build upon. I hope it will be possible for all the children to attend.


Image result for forest school

As the new term begins, we hope to get back out into out Forest school. I understand the frustration on so many bags to carry, with this in mind, the children can remain in their P.E kits. Please be aware, they may get dirty! Wellies will not be needed yet, however if there is rain please make sure they have them. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for your on-going support to this date. We will need your support even more next term. It is really important to me that the children remain as clam as possible during their exams. As a team we are doing our best to ensure the children feel as supported as much as possible, however, the children themselves place a huge amount of pressure on themselves. If you have any concerns or worries, please do not hesitate to email me or catch me at the start or end of the day. I have an open door policy and would be glad to help in whatever way I can.


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