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Our Visit to the Farm!

Last academic Year, the current Year 3 visited Tudor Primary School in London to experience what school life is like in inner city London. It was very different to life at Bozeat! They had the chance to explore all different cultures and enrich their understanding of what it means to be British in our modern world. In order to return the favour, Tudor Primary visited Bozeat to learn what it means to live in a village. We visited the James' farm and learnt all about the habitat and life cycles of farm animals, as well as exploring thYear 3 habitatse day to day running of a farm. We all had great fun, especially our rides on the tractor!

Year 3 habitats

Saint David's Day Science

This Friday we learnt about Saint David's Day. As part of this, we thought we would approach it from a scientific angle, carrying on with our topic of plants in Science. We discussed and learnt how water travels through plants. To test this and see how long it takes, we set up an experiment using the national flower of Wales, the daffodil. We have put them in water, coloured red and we are going to see what happens to the flowers. Some of us thought they would change colour instantly, but we soon realised that was not the case. We will have to wait and see!

year 3 plants

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

With temperatures dropping dramatically, snow visited Bozeat! We in Tigers Class could not wait to get outdoors and play, which is just what we did. We loved the whole school snowball fight- especially chasing Mr Cox! We only wish we could have more days like this...

File 001 17


What is that creeping and crawling in the classroom?

Last Friday we had a surprise in Tigers Class! Expert in everything creepy and crawling, Mr Blaikie brought some African Hissing Cockroaches into class for us to take care of during our Topic of Africa. We were all amazed and could not wait to get a closer look- even a very nervous Miss Wells! Did you know that they are native to Madagascar and they produce the famous hissing sound by forcing air out of tiny places on the sides of their bodies called ‘spiracles’. They use the hissing sound for communication with other Madagascar hissing cockroaches, during mating, while fighting or when they feel threatened. Keep your eyes peeled for more pictures of our new classmates!

Year 3 habitats 2


Anne Wan the Author

Today we had a visit from Anne Wan the author of The Secrets of the Snow Globe series. She spent time talking about when she decided to become a writer and what inspires all her ideas. She explained to all of us that writing was like making a clay pot. Firstly, you have an idea, which is like a lump of clay. Next you write your story, which is like moulding your clay into the shape of the pot. Finally, she said all writers spend a long time editing their work and this is like painting on he decoration and making sure your pot is perfect. We loved listening to her read some of her new book and we are all excited to read it ourselves!

File 001 16


Capturing the Colours of Africa!

What a great first term of our topic ‘The Colours of Africa’. It is hard to cram in everything we have learnt, but we hope to give you a sense of what we have discovered about the amazing continent of Africa so far! 

We were wowed by our new learning environment and how bright it was, but there was definitely space for us to fill the walls with our work.

sunsilhoueteelephant display

When we returned to school we had Savannah trials to complete as a task. These included; solving silhouette jigsaw puzzles, trying African food and researching whereabouts in the world Africa was. Here we are...

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At Bozeat we love to learn from those in our local community, who have experiences to share with us. We were lucky to learn about how much time and effort goes into supporting children our own age in Africa, when Elouize's Grandma visited us to talk about her work in Africa  The children's lives are completely different to our own and we learnt so much that afternoon.

table shot 2powerpoint 1table shot 1

We are Geologists!

As part of our study into Africa, we looked closely at Mount Kilimanjaro and a study into Rocks. We completed observations and studies on different types of rocks and were lucky enough to have samples from the Geological Society that came from actual volcanoes! 

IMG 0048IMG 0046IMG 0042 2IMG 0036 1

We also carried out experiments on our own rocks and made fossils, which we excavated in the playground. It is safe to say we are now expert fossil hunters!

IMG 0101IMG 0099IMG 0096IMG 0093IMG 0090


Here we were learning about waterproof and durable rocks. We had to predict what was going to happen and then use our knowledge to explain what happened. We also had to watch out for spillages!

IMG 0076IMG 0075IMG 0074


Can you feel the rhythm?

What a welcome back after half term! On Monday we had an expert African drummer visit our school. He taught us all about the different types of African drums and the history of them. We were amazed at just how loud they could get, but also how amazing they could sound. At first we found it hard to keep the rhythm, but we soon discovered the hidden African drummers inside us. Some of us just didn't want to stop! 

File 001

We have got so much left to learn, so keep your eyes peeled for our next African adventure!


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