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A brief introduction...

Bozeat 20139 240Bozeat Primary School is a small village primary school in a rural environment that offers children from the age of 4 – 11 the opportunity to thrive and learn with confidence. Children will be encouraged to build on strengths, come to terms with challenges and develop a sense of personal value.

We recognise that each child is different so our learning resources offer a variety of teaching methods with lots of hands-on practical learning experiences as well as interactive whiteboards in each classroom and our ICT Suite. 

Bozeat 201393 240From the moment a child is welcomed into the Reception Class, they are nurtured to help them learn in a caring environment whilst maintaining solid principles of care and consideration for others.

Bozeat Primary School children leave Year 6 ready to start their secondary education as well rounded and confident young people with a strong sense of community. We believe these are excellent skills to take forward into the rest of their lives.

Parents' Top Tips  

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