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Safeguarding Weblinks 

At Bozeat Community Primary School & Nursery, we aspire to give our children an exceptional foundation in their knowledge and skills in using the internet to become perceptive, safe and discerning users of the internet.
We do this by:

  • Protecting and educating our pupils, parents and staff in their use and understanding of technology.
  • Having the appropriate mechanisms to intervene and support any incidents.
  • Striving to prevent any e-safety concerns through excellent teaching of e-safety.

At Bozeat we recognise the importance of ensuring that children are safe using technologies both inside and outside of school. We hope that the resources below support you with this. Should you require advice, or have any questions about e-safety, please do not hesitate to contact our Computing Leader, Mr D. Cox or the headteacher, Ms G. Virk.

Parents' Top Tips  

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