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Graduation 26th april 2012The Children's University is a national project for children aged between 7 and 14, giving children the opportunity for out-of-school learning modules to help supplement their school education.

Bozeat Community Primary School is an approved Learning Destination for the Children's University.

Children can collect University credits by attending clubs, volunteering themselves for election on School committees or applying for a Job within school. The credits are tallied and forwarded to Northamptonshire County Council every term, who work out if Children have qualified for a Certificate.

A Bronze Certificate starts at 30 Credits, Silver is 65 Credits & a Gold Certificate is 100 Credits, the Award system goes up to 1000 credits. Each credit represents 1 hour of time.

Click here for more about the Children's University.

Our first certificate award ceremony at Wollaston Secondary in April 2012.

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