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Our range of clubs and activities is extremely varied. All of these clubs are run either before school, during the lunch break, or after school. Most of these clubs are run by outside agencies, so there is a charge to attend.

Current clubs include

  • Homework (Key Stage 2 - lunchtime)
  • Basketball (Hot Shots)
  • Football (All year groups)
  • Knitting (Key Stage 2 - lunchtime)
  • Dodgeball (All year groups)
  • Street Dance (Key Stage 2)
  • Multi-Skills (Reception & Key Stage 1)
  • Choir (Key Stage 2)
  • Gymnastics (All year groups)
  • Magical Maths (Key Stage 1 & 2)
  • Cheerleading (Begins in the summer term 2017)

To find out more information, please contact the school office.


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