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Pastoral Care for our pupils means responding to their needs at a period in their young lives when they are growing physically and acquiring a wide range of knowledge and skills. By responding to the needs of our pupils we are:

  • Helping them in the formation of values, attitudes and beliefs
  • Guiding them through a period of emotional instability
  • Making them aware of influences, positive and nagative, to which they are subjected
  • Helping them develop good personal and social skills and above all nurturing their self-esteem


At Bozeat School we look to develop the "whole child" and to this end we build their self esteem and try to give the children opportunities to speak and be listened to in many different ways. This year we have introduced Worry Boxes into every classroom where the children can put their names and a brief idea of what they want to talk about over the week.  Each class has circle time where the children can air their views as well as learn about social skills, circle time is intergrated into the timetable. We hope that we can develop children's social skills and help them feel as though they have forums where they can feel safe and secure to speak freely.

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