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What’s happening around our school? This section of the website is here to answer that question!

Newsletters are our traditional means of keeping you up to date on past and future events and information to help in your planning for activities to do with school. Not only do we offer those Newsletters online, we also have an archive of older Newsletters. Why? From experience, we understand that from time to time, copies of older Newsletters give an insight into celebrations of children's work that might be good to see, many months after the event!

A vital part of our new website is our "Diary Dates" calendar. We will be using this page increasingly over the weeks and months ahead, complementing the Newsletter with up to date information so, take time to look at the Diary Dates page if yo need to be really up to date!

As the seasons pass, the types of Clubs we support at Bozeat also change. Our Clubs page shows you the days when clubs run, the times they start and finish, how much (if anything) they cost to attend and which areas of the school they are related to (i.e. which year groups).

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