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Member of StaffLooks like...Key RoleResponsibilities
Mrs G Virk Miss Virk Head Teacher

Designated Safeguard Lead
Child Protection
Learning & Teaching
Educational Visits Leader

Ms Dorothy Mohan

. Panthers Classteacher (Year 5/6) Key Stage 2 Leader
SENDCo & Inclusion 
Science Subject Leader
Miss Lucy Hanlon

Ms Mohan

Jaguars Classteacher (Year 4/5) Newly Qualified Teacherr
Miss Charlotte Wells


Tigers Classteacher (Year 3/4)  
Mr Daniel Cox


Foxes Classteacher (Year 2)

Key Stage 1 Leader
Computing Subject Leader
Maths Leader

Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead

Mr James Marshall - Rabbits Classteacher (Year 1)

PE Subject Leader

Mrs Rebecca Clarke - Owls Classteacher (Nursery/Reception)

English Subject Leader
School Library

Mrs Kerri Lane  Kerri Lane Owls (Nursery Nurse)   
Mrs Pauline Carlson Ms Carlson  Owls (Nursery Nurse) 


Mrs Louise Nelson Mrs Nelson Classroom Assistant KS2 Displays Leader
Mrs Wendy Brealey Mrs Brealey Classroom Assistant KS2  
Mrs Rachel Neuville Classroom Assistant  
Mrs Sally Finch Mrs Finch Classroom Assistant (KS1)  
 Mrs Helen White   Nursery Teacher (Little Owls)  
Mr Nick Pitt Mr Pitt

1-1 Special Needs Support (Foxes)

Classroom Assistant (Foxes)

Miss Jaimie Hare   1-1 Special Needs Support (KS2)  
Mrs Louise Brodie Classroom Assistant (KS2) Cover Supervisor
Mrs Michele Parker   Classroom Assistant (KS1)

Pastoral Care Support
Before School Club Manager

Mrs Sharon McGeechan Mrs McGeechan Lunchtime Supervisor
Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Rachel Gibbins Mrs Gibbins

Lunchtime Supervisor
Let’s Get Cooking Club Volunteer

After School Club Manager

Miss Becky McGeechan   After School Club Assistant  
Mrs Lis Blunden Mrs Blunden Office Administrator Responsibility for attendance
Helen Rowlay Miss Rowlay School Business Manager  Finance
Hugh McGeechan Mr McGeechan Site Supervisor   

Parents' Top Tips  

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