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Welcome to our Student Space! This section of our website is dedicated to information that children will find interesting. When we say 'children' we mean all children... from those in our school now to those who might want to come here if moving into the neighbourhood! This space will grow to be packed with great news and information about what the children do here, the types of work they do and what they enjoy most!

Our "What we have been Doing" page holds galleries of pictures of the great things our children have made or done recently, stored in sections that are engaging to browse through!

If you are interested in our School Council, why not drop into their page to find out what important tasks and projects they are working on this term. You can read their news to see how they contribute to the improvement of the school!

Similarly, we are pleased to show you information about our ECO Council, what challenges they are working on and how they have progressed to make sure we can keep our ECO School badge! The ECO Council Blog is your means to find out what is going on and to add your comments!

We are delighted that we have the right children at Bozeat who understand the importance of anti-bullying! We even have an Anti-Bullying Committee who ensure everyone is supported in looking after each other and to help anyone who feels that they might be being bullied in any way. Their page tells you more about their team!

Our Junior Road Safety Officers will be keeping you up to date on their work by using their JRSO Blog, so if you have any views on road safety, why not pop into their page and share your opinions?

Doing your homework and need some inspiration? Over the coming weeks we plan to add a growing number of Website Links (tested for safety of course) that give you access to fun ways to learn as well as just play!

The Children's University is a national organisation that provides 7 to 14 year olds with exciting learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours. At Bozeat, we use the Children's university to celebrate achievement and reward participation through certificates. The Children's University page will tell you all you need to know!

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