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What a great day!

Its been a wonderful experience spending this time with the children. They have been wonderful embassadors for the school. The 3 hour coach ride did not dent their good spirits and they were singing till we reached the port. Some of the singing not always in tune but being in such close proximity we felt it was probably best not to critique such things.

We had lunch on the coach. We did try to jump the queue for an earlier ferry but no such luck. The crossing was problem free and even managed a trip up on deck (even if was only for 5 mins to take a photo).

We headed straight to the hotel, where juice and biscuits awaited. We all investigated the bedrooms and then ate dinner! We had tomato soup with French bread as a starter, chips, peas and sausages for our main. We had ice cream for dessert.

After that, we headed down to the beach for paddling and racing. Finally, back to the hotel, we got into our pjs and wrote up our diaries. Once completed, we had juice and a biscuit before Ms Mohan read to us. All of us were In our rooms and lights out at 9:30. All of the children were fast asleep by 10:00. Long may it last!

Super day looking forward to day 2! Enjoy the photographs.


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