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We began our day with a two course breakfast.

After which, we set off to the castle. The drive allowed us to see some of the most beautiful countryside. There was lots of schools there. While we were in the museum, a lady told us we were the best behaved children they had seen all day and that our manners were lovely. After the donkey talk we made our way back to the coach and drove straight to Osborne house.

We spent a few hours walking around the house, looking at all the precious family treasures, pretending we were Royalty. The children decided that Osborne house must be worth 'at least a million pounds'. I think the guide price was raised to a billion!

We got to roll down a huge hill. It was lots of fun! When we returned home we had dinner. On tonight's menu there was soup or juice to start, pasta or a jacket potato with a salad and for pudding jelly and ice cream or a yoghurt. We ended off the day with a trip to the beach.

Today's Star pupils, as voted by the children and staff were Jessica, Fleur and Caitlyn. Well done girls! There is normally only one each day but we forgot yesterday and there was a draw today.

We are slightly later than last night but I still think the children will sleep, fingers crossed. Looking forward to tomorrow.


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