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Mr Stopps would have been so envious of our trip today! We drove down to the docks and caught a boat taxi over to the harbour. The Skipper was wonderful. He told us all about the boats. We even got to see a brand new boat called a Red Jet 6. They are really fast.

We visited HMS Victory and HMS Warrior. We got to have a real hands on experience - ducking our heads for the low beams onboard, shooting a cannon and sleeping in a real seaman's hammock! We even spotted lots of men in their Royal Navy uniforms. They looked very smart.

After a good day of sea air, we were ready for a good meal. Tonight we had vegetable soup or fruit juice, macaroni cheese or roast turkey dinner and we finished off with a great big slice of fruit flan or a chocolate mousse with strawberries and cream.

This filled us up just enough for a long play on the beach. Our dam building, gymnastics, boules, sandcastles and rounders took up quite a large section of the beach but we managed not to get quite as wet or sandy as other nights!


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