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What a busy day we've had today!

We've certainly packed in lots of things into our last full day on the Isle of Wight but first some news we forgot to share from yesterday. Our 'Star of the Day' was again our 'Stars of the Day' as there was a draw when counting up the children's votes again, making Frankie and Maddy the winners! Also the tooth fairy travelled all the way down to us to whip away the wobbly teeth of Ethan and Harley!

After another tasty breakfast we set off for the Needles pleasure park at Alum Bay. A trip to the sweet shop was first on everybody's list (including the staff!) and we were lucky enough to see exactly how the sweets were made and then taste them warm, straight off of the machine! We then managed to put a pretty reasonable dent into our funds in the shop afterwards.

Next was a trip into the glass factory where we watched different glass items being made including glass sweets, fibre optic glass and a magnificent vase. It was extremely hot for us watching and we wondered just how the men could manage to work so closely to the roaring furnaces.

A quick trip down to the beach via the 188 steps led us to our pleasure boat cruise around the Needles. We spotted all of the famous layers of coloured sand in the cliffs as well as the red light in the lighthouse (yes, it's even on in the day!).

The chairlift took us back up to the top. It was pretty scary how high we were but we all made it up safely and happily! Before leaving we bought some souvenirs. Lots of us chose to make some sand filled glass. These were really fun to make but a bit messy!

Swimming rounded off the afternoon. Diving, bellyflops, splashing, balancing, racing and some actual swimming made sure that our last big activity for the day was full of fun!

For dinner we had a feast of fruit juice or chicken soup, fish fingers, chips and peas or a jacket potato followed by a cornetto.

A quick bag packing session commenced after eating and then we were swiftly dressed into our fanciest party clothes ready for the disco. The dancing, singing and flashing lights were really fun and soon we needed to stop for some pop and crisps. While we were eating (yes, again!) we took part in the first Bozeat IOW Awards ceremony. Each of the children got an award and a trophy for something special and memorable from the week. We hope they enjoy sharing the reasons for their awards with you!

Just before bed we had a quick session of sitting on suitcases trying to squeeze them shut, finding lost socks, claiming that none of the lost socks belonged to anybody in the room, sneaking in a few cheeky sweets from earlier's shopping haul, the boys having a run around the house halfway through getting ready for bed and giving us a fright until eventually we were all dressed in our pyjamas for the last time.

We're currently all asleep and hopefully packed ready to come home.

So one more wake up for us...and we can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

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