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This term we are learning about india, how packed the train stations are, how big the population is ,about rag pickers and their lives, idian festivas and traditions.

India is a populated country and a hot one, in the summer temperitures can vary from 32 to 40 degrees. But in the winter the average tempriture 10-15 degrees.

India has lots of traditons and festivals. such as diwali (The festival of peace and lights).They have traditions such as henna ( mendi) , rangoli (pathway art with coloured sand), sari a female garment, their spicy food, incense ( a scented stick covered in powdered scents it gets set alight on the tip and then blown out it carrys on burning and creats smells wherever it is placed, te averge time for it to burn is 30 minutes but some can burn up to two hours. They are origanlly from india .They also use garlands flowers to put in womens' hair for festivals such as diwali they are usaully made from jasmine

We have been reading a book called Trash it is about a boy called Velu who ran away from home, he became a rag-picker and made friends on the street, he went to a street school on Tuesday and ended up dealing with a money lender without even realising. He luckily had a friend to support him on the way, this taught us a lot about rag pickers and how difficult life is.

My personal favourite's are the mendi patterns, the henna and the incense. We are all learning alot and we will soon be learning even more! 




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