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What an amazing start to the year! All children have settled in to a new routine which can be difficult to follow with so many changes from Owls class but we have found our place and begun to investivate all the events!

We arrived to find a strange note and a royalty testing area in our classroom, we later found out in a letter from the king this was to find any princes and princeses in Bozeat. We have taken on the challenge and begun to explore and learn about royalty like the castles they live in, what they dress in and got to grips using Mr Marshalls IPad!


We have been disecting healthy foods we think royals eat and were able to enjoy Roald Dahl Day in our favourite character costumes and had a go at making our own miniture princes and princesses before we began to unleash our learning with number, creating drama of the Princess and the Pea and even snuck in some time to try and grow a gold tree from a gold marble!!


Wecame back to school and had such an exciting week as we travelled to London to vist Turdor Primary School and experience their indian culture. We had so much fun making new friends, learning how to write our names in Punjabi and getting to try so authentic indian cuisine for lunch.

 IMG 3808IMG 3809

This was followed by learning some Indian bangra dancing and we were luck enough to perform a poece to the whole school!!

 File 001

File 004File 001


At the end of the week we held a morning to celebrate fathers and had so much fun. We were all so happy to have you there and spoke about you all day. it was a memorable day. Thank you to everyone who came and joined in.

File 2File 2 


After an explorative start finding someones items we found ourselves heading to the zoo in order to become tiger experts. The zoo was amazing and we were luck enough to have one of the tigers patroling the edge of its enclosure one a few meters away from us!

IMG 2900 1IMG 2900 1IMG 2900 1IMG 2900 1IMG 2900 1IMG 2900 1

The days following when we returned we filled with all things tiger related includeding the art session we took part in "we had to draw its face and use inks to paint him" Jayden explained when asked what he did.File 002File 002File 002File 002File 004

We have learnt so much about tigers and have made a leaflet all about them and some fantastic information poster boads which we have dislayed.

I wonder how else we can use this information?



This week we have been exploring the weather of India with a specific focus on monsoons. We were able to experience what a monsson can bee like with the use of the immersive classroom. We were able to experience the wind blow and the rain fall from safety supporting lots of discussion, we used this as a focus point to create some writing.

IMG 3513

Everything came alive with rushing water and images of the effects of so much rain. We found this amazing and can not wait to head back there. We used this experience to create our repeating poem making word banks full of different adjectives and verbs like "hot, cold, wet, gushing, howling, freezing and strong" using these amazing words to create powerful sentences like "The wind is strong like an angry gorilla smashing his chest"

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