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What an amazing start to the year! All children have settled in to a new routine which can be difficult to follow with so many changes from Owls class but we have found our place and begun to investivate all the events!

We arrived to find a strange note and a royalty testing area in our classroom, we later found out in a letter from the king this was to find any princes and princeses in Bozeat. We have taken on the challenge and begun to explore and learn about royalty like the castles they live in, what they dress in and got to grips using Mr Marshalls IPad!


We have been disecting healthy foods we think royals eat and were able to enjoy Roald Dahl Day in our favourite character costumes and had a go at making our own miniture princes and princesses before we began to unleash our learning with number, creating drama of the Princess and the Pea and even snuck in some time to try and grow a gold tree from a gold marble!!


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