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What a stunning start to our Autumn topic! Last week our Key Stage Two assembly was invaded by a Viking warrior ready to rally his troops for learning. We learnt;how to throw and catch spears, talk in old Norse and even slice an Anglo-Saxon's head open!


This week we are starting to story map our key text for English 'The Legend of Beowulf' by Michael Morpurgo. The children are thoroughly enjoying the grizzly tale and are looking forward to creating actions to support their learning. If you want to find out more about story mapping and the talk for writing concept, there is plenty of videos on YouTube and websites full of information.

This week we have been adorning the shared area with the longboat artwork the children have created and it looks brilliant! The whole of Key Stage Two had a session with an art specialist, using watercolours and inks to paint their boats. They then used fine liner to add more detail to great effect!

Just a reminder that all children will take part in Forest School on Friday afternoons. Children will be going out in all weathers so they will need to bring in old clothes and suitable footwear such as wellingtons.





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