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We are proud of our school and our pupils, and the wearing of the correct uniform is visual evidence of our pride. Uniforms can be ordered online through our supplier. Please use this School Trends link or the link on the left to visit their website.





Winter Uniform

  •  White long /short sleeved shirt
  • White Polo Shirt plain or with the school emblem
  • Grey skirt /Pinafore dress or trousers
  • Green sweatshirt or cardigan with school emblem
  • Sensible low-heeled shoes preferably in black not trainers

Summer Uniform

  • As for winter, or you may substitute with:
  • Green checked or striped dresses
  • Grey shorts
  • Fleece jackets are also available but are to be treated as a coat not a substitute for a sweatshirt or cardigan.

PE Kit

  • White school PE T-shirt with school emblem
  • Plain black/dark green shorts
  • Tracksuit for cold weather
  • Plimsolls – black
  • Trainers for outdoor wear.

Please note: No jewellery should be worn and long hair must be tied back for PE.


Jewellery should not be worn for PE, swimming or extra curricular activities. The school cannot be held responsible for items of jewellery that are either misplaced or lost. Children are permitted to wear one stud earring in each ear. If children are unable to remove their own earrings, please ensure that they do not wear them on days when they will be involved in PE or sporting activities. If your child is having their ears pierced, please arrange for this to happen at the beginning of the summer holidays. Children may also wear a wrist watch.

Personal Belongings

All items of clothing and equipment (i.e.lunchboxes, musical instruments etc) should be marked clearly with your child’s name. Lost property, which has no visible personal identification, will be held in school for a short time only before being passed on for recycling.

Children should not bring toys or games into school unless requested by the class teacher as part of a lesson. Mobile phones or electronic devices e.g. MP3 players, should not be brought to school.

Parents' Top Tips  

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